Hello world!

And so, it begins.   I have entered the world of blog.  It’s totally fitting the Chrysalis Women Writers kick-started this journey.  They have been the catalyst, network and support as I’ve worked at finding my voice and learning my grammar.

Eventually I’ll have topics and links, news to share and readers who care.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Sarah McDermed

    Mary,thought I’d check out your new blog. Love the design!

    The question about what to do when broadsided by the unexpected is a hard one.

    Flounder? 🙂

    Since we never know what life will bring (caveat: Expect the unexpected – you won’t be disappointed!), all of us can relate.

    We just moved across the country and I don’t have a ‘day job’ yet to give structure to my life. This move was totally unexpected, with only six weeks from ‘first inkling we should consider going’ to ‘Is that Mount Hood?’. (Aside to Renee: Figure out correct punctuation for THAT sentence!)

    I’ve imposed a logical structure on my days: I write in the morning, go to the dog park/watch local news/check email/run erands/make phone calls after lunch, and clean house afterwards, before my husband comes home.

    My goal is to have a sub-immaculate house, better known as ‘the lived-in look’. There’s a sign on my dresser that says, ‘An immaculate house is the sign of a misspent life’. That sign reminds me each morning to do the important things first.

    Cuddle your grandbaby. Go to the park. Write the book.



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