When the Journey ends

There is something about the holidays that makes us focus on who has already left.  This holiday season my husband and I both got word that one of our cousins had died.  One was 54, lived in Slovenia, and we visited with her this summer.  She was the healthy and happy center of fun for her family and left this world from a lung disease.  The other was a larger than life cousin of mine.  61, heart attack.  He left a legacy of people he helped and inspired, family members he employed, and a grown family who are financially set for life.

Both were awesome people who helped others, lived life large in their way.   Yet, sorrow at their loss is the primary reaction.    The next reaction is anger – they died too young, if only, they’d paid more attention to their health.  Being me, with a twisted perception of death, my reply to these comments is – they had no reason to focus on their health, until it became an issue.  Until then, they focused on happiness.

Isn’t that what matters?

Thanks for your comments.

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