What is my platform?

I attended an awesome workshop this weekend, presented by Alicia Rasley and she stated an author needs to be an expert on something to build community, and become an authority, which will promote interest in the books an author writes.   Which makes sense – especially for non-fiction.

Except, my dilemma, the book I am currently marketing for publication is a memoir of my parents and childhood.  I’m certainly an authority on this subject.   I also know, enough to be dangerous, about astrology and astronomy and a bunch of other really cool stuff.   I also know, enough to be irreverent, about loss and death.   The obvious path may be an awareness that Disability is Natural and we are all People First.

The publishing world is still looking for good stories, strong author voices, and to stay in business.   Yet there is this new genre on the rise.  It’s the inspirational market.  This is an obvious next step, to me, from the Self-Help to New Age explosion, readers want to take.

Could I be an authority on spirituality?  Only if you want a good laugh!

Laughter is a direct connection to the angelic realms, so is music and art.   I’m not an authority on the last two, but the first?  Yeah, I know angels look at me and get a laugh, because I’m always telling them what they don’t want to do, if they try on this human condition.

Which brings me back to my platform, I won’t know if there is value to what I know, untill I’m asked a question.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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