An American President

An obvious post today, but I’m referring to the 1995 movie by Rob Reiner/Aaron Sorkin; starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening.   It’s one of my favorites and I’ve watched it enough to quote, but I won’t, a Google search on the title will give you sites where you can read “Andrew Shepard’s” final speech.  It’s enough to raise the hair on your neck as he talks about “serious times…advanced citizenship…it’s all about character”.

I love the characters, the romantic conflict, and seeing a prez explain to his 12 yr old daughter, “It was a parent teacher conference where (teachers name)  and I were the primary players.”

Every time I’ve watched this charming movie I would always state, “I want a president like that.”  Intelligent, articulate and “with a greater love for this country”.

I recently read The Audacity of Hope, after the author became Prez-elect.  I hope this book becomes required reading for High School ‘Government’ classes.  It’s compelling reading.

An hour ago, I watched Prez Obama’s speech on the web.   He’s such a dynamic speaker.   I was impressed, and feel good, about the potential leadership now steering the opportunities my grandsons will choose.   I didn’t see it live because I had a teething 3 month old claiming my attention.

Now we are once again, on page 1, chapter 1, and the future being written in real time.

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One Response to An American President

  1. But at least the paper on which it is being written is bright and shiny and full of hope. What a daring notion for a politician. Hope.


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