Musing on politics

The talking heads on the news drive me nuts.

Months ago, I was watching the democrats funneling down to their candidate.  My sympathies were on Hillary because I admire her in many ways, but really didn’t want her to win the nomination because – I didn’t want her to have that much responsibility or work.  She’s done so much!  She’s only ten years older than me, and the thought of being burdened to such a level, in ten years time, was more than I could consider.

I was OK with the young, dynamic, Obama.  But, did the American people need to have an old vet?  Would that be better for the country?

Then running mates became the focus.  Joe Biden was announced.  OK, a man I could admire on many levels.  I could give this man a hug and feel he was actually hugging me back.  But, McCain is a good man too…

My husband Ed, gave me the news,  McCain has chosen a former beauty queen, from Alaska,  as his running mate.

I had this strong feeling, McCain just lost the election.  I didn’t have an image of Sarah Palin then, knew nothing about her.  As the weeks progressed, and the journalists had fun, I began to wonder, what a McCain/Palin ticket would mean to me, personally.  To my daughters, my grandsons.  I listened to more talking heads those few months than I ever have in my life.  My choice was going to be – what does America need.

I admire those that work in service to others.  I feel, sympathy, for those that are attacked in the news.  I did waffle on how to place my vote.  When that day came, Ed and I, canceled each other out with our votes.

I’m not smug, when Ed points out stuff our new Prez is doing, that my hubby agrees with.  We are all here for a greater purpose, and each day is a new beginning.

One thought on “Musing on politics

  1. Hi Terri,

    I just found you through Marc Acito’s blog. I am one of the nation’s first woman talk show hosts, with a local live TV background prior to that. Now, I am retired from broadcasting, and just signed up to help as a volunteer for a classy thrift/consignment shop in our city. The group (Assistance League of Portland) supports many interesting projects. I worked in retail briefly in 1970s and always thought it would be fun to work in fashion or home design.

    Although you are younger than I am, it’s as if we were wired together on this whole election experience, especially on Hillary, who is eight years younger than I am. I thought she was the best choice for the job.

    As it became clearer and clearer that she would not gain the nomination, I never altered my stance. I would vote for whoever the Democrats nominated, and so would my husband. (Frankly, I don’t think I could ever be married to a Republican.) But in the waining days of summer, I began to muse on how she could be with her husband, travel, enjoy life a little more, perhaps become a mother-in-law to someone special with her only daughter, and even a grandmother.

    Below, I have posted the message that got the most fury, and I admit the verbiage was inflammatory. But the daily attacks on this capable and admirable New York senator, a woman who was called everything in the book… were astounding and disgusting. I had to come up with something and I was in a state of total outrage:×5926709

    (Please cut and paste if this doesn’t hyperlink. Thanks.)

    McCain/Palin never worked for me at all. Unfortunately, the entertainment and news fields have sort of merged in this era. It’s not something that anyone can predict. There are still places to get the news pretty much cut and dried — like on public broadcasting. There were newscasters I admired in my youth — Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley to name a few. But a talented news guy like Keith Olbermann is really sharp, smart, and cute, IMHO. Hey, I’m old enough to be his mother.

    Thanks for your blog. I am not very familiar with You can check my profile and link to my blog. Personally, I’m trying to get into better shape, discovered a couple of TV shows which are replacing the MSNBC/CNN/news drone in this house. On radio, we have classical music and jazz, as well as two PBS affiliated stations. I also listen to Radio Disney with my two grandkids (Happy Birthday, Gabrielle — 11 years old today!). On Monday, Grandpa and I are taking our grandson out to see “Pink Panther 2”.

    Warm regards,

    Ellen Kimball
    Accessible Media Services
    Portland, Oregon


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