We’ve all noticed a few changes in the news, the world, and our relationship to money.

It is now politically correct to label Americans with a hyphen to designate their race.  Or to add a lifestyle preference before a title, eg. “gay mayor”.   I hope this soon changes, to us all being People with names, because the labels are ridiculous.

I’m an Irish-American Women.  I’ve chosen the lifestyle of wife, mother.  I’ve worked with a variety of professional titles.  I’ve changed jobs, careers.  I’ve moved homes, 7 times.  I’ve promoted changes in my daughters lives as they graduated various schools.  I’ve seen them chose lifestyles as wife, mother.  They’ve all worked with titles, some chosen, some assigned.  Change happens, and promotes growth while living the journey of life.

I’ve been accused of being too practical and optimistic, even when times are tough.  I’ve been told my willingness to embrace change is out of character for a Taurus woman.  However, my ability to adapt to changes, is also because I’m a Taurus woman.   Now I think it would be great, if we’re going to start labeling people, we instead use their astrological sign.   President Obama would no longer be known as an African-American but as a Leo.  Portland, OR would have Virgo Mayor Sam Adams.  This would also benefit our conversations.  Instead of discussing the economy we could all return to the days of, “What’s your sign?”

The Sun Sign, of our birth, is diluted by a dozen pesky planets and notable calculations.  Years ago, when my sister Sherri first started studying astrology, she found the key to why I am who I am.  It has something to do with (say this out loud-slowly) the orb of my natal Uranus.  The orb of my natal Uranus is on my ascendant.

What this means is:   I turn and face the change – ch-ch-changes.  I feel it helps and I encourage everyone, no matter how tough times may be for you and yours, turn and face the change head on.  It won’t change the orb of your natal Uranus, but it will help you reclaim a sense of personal self.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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