Positive Energy

The phone rings and a daughter asks, “Can we come over for Mom’s cooking?”  This can be a challenge now that I’ve been learning this buying/cooking for two lifestyle.  For most of the past 40 years, (I was 9 when I started cooking family dinners) meals were for at least 4, usually 6, or more.   The call came about an hour before dinner and I was able to add volume to the side dishes.

Two 19 year old girls, my daughter and a friend visiting from CA, came in the door with pies and an hour and a half of vibrant energy.  They have school & work issues, money concerns, car problems.  These were related without worries, shrugs of – it just is – and then conversations shifted to future plans, goals, careers, business ideas.    These girls do not listen to the talking heads plastering disaster across the airwaves.

Maybe my family is sitting in a blessed space during today’s economic crisis because events that began in June 2001 hit us so hard, personally, and on many levels, and continued, and didn’t begin to lighten, until the end of 2006.   Our laundry list of life traumas, through those 5 years, was hell.   The sense of hope and contentment we have now is nice.

What stood out the most to me tonight, after the girls gathered the remains of pie to share with friends, gave hugs and blew back into their adventures, was their appreciation for what will be their future.  Having shady business practices exposed now means, in a few years, they can start a businesses with more trust about the process.   They have a confidence about being able to create their own destiny that’s awesome!

Gloom and doom sayers will remark these girls aren’t tapped into reality.  Or they’re too young to understand the size of the debts their generation will carry.  To that I can say, they both have personal friends that have been deployed to war.  They’ve attended friends funerals, watched cancer treatment up close and personal, seen others implode with drugs.  When I compare my life experiences at their age, to the lessons they’ve faced, I am in awe at their positive energy.   I’m also damn proud to have played a part in who they will become.

And I’m a good cook too.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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