Today, Portland, OR was beautiful, 60, sunny, no wind.   This is a bit rare for early February.  We grew up in the snow belt off the Great Lakes, then lived with Nor’easters until 11 years ago, when Ed and I moved our family here.  Warm and sunny enough to wash the car, on Feb 7th, in those other climates?   Not!  But that’s what I did, washed my car.

Then I had to go out for a walk, and look around at the tips of growth poking through the dirt, and kept reminding myself – today’s Feb 7th.   Fortunately it is February, and the days are short, so I did get into the required chore for today – taxes.  Yuck.  Hate it even though we have a good accountant who makes it really easy.  I sort through stacks of statements, tabulate too many numbers, and stress over where to put that sum.  And it’s only in pencil, on the worksheets from the accountant.  They do the official stuff.

I had issues with my website but finally cleaned that up and checked all the links.  Some chores got done, dinner enjoyed, and finally I got to dance around some websites.  I learned Writing Books can Make you Fat;  checked out a new artist, and met some interesting people.

I’m still thinking about the pink-slip-party concept, because I was one of these a few years ago, and there was no support network.  The isolation was huge.  But I returned to writing fiction, nurtured my self-worth, and it would be nice to say, the rest is history.  Except I was working on taxes, and my “writing business” spent less than last year but is still — on the income side.

It’s only year two, and a friend assured me three years of dedicated focus is what it takes.   My focus has been disrupted this year, but it was all good, as I said in my annual family newsletter.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. Mike Harmon says:

    Well said. Great information, keep up the great work!


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