Today’s theme is flux.  I’m going to blame it on yesterday’s full moon.  I also have a touch of the rhino virus.  The body is wimpy, the mind is wacky.  I’ve got two big projects hanging over my head:  1. the second half of my screenplay for class;  2. the annual financial report and turnover preparation of the treasurer duties for my writers group.   I thought about both projects, didn’t do either.

While waiting to meet with our tax accountant this morning, I wandered through some favorite sites that promote thinking outside of the 4th dimension of time.  A few of these sites are Kryon, The Aquarius Papers, Allison DuBois, and The World Puja Network.  As a result, I didn’t feel very grounded when I had to focus on taxes.  It didn’t help that the accountant stated he’s mainly dealing with clients bankruptcies.

Determined to focus on the business of writing, after lunch, I researched a few agents to query then wandered through the Uncial Press website.  I’m intrigued with this world of e-publishing, and Judith Glad is a friend of mine.  I haven’t had time to learn this world, but hope to soon.  Jude and I also share a ‘treasurer’ connection, a slightly uncommon talent for creative writers.

Then I checked my Facebook, and wandered through some of my friends blogs until dinner.  TV time was American Idol – mindless entertainment but most of the contestants now, can sing.  So, I began today contemplating;  “Way of the Buddha” versus the “Way of the Bodhisattva”; and wound down, watching wanna-be Hollywood stars.

It’s a good thing I’ll be doing Grandma duties these next two days.me-k1

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