Week 4

From the day I uttered the words, I was a little unsure about the grandma commitment.  The first year, 3 days a week, was my offer.

keirnan-3-mos-sittingI knew it was a good choice.  I had this vision of a baby in my office, head popping up after a nap, and it gave me a good feeling.   My trepidation was because I had little time to call my own this past year.  Almost all my energy was spent on the objectives of others, including deadlines for my classes.

2008 was a whirlwind year and reminded me of the 1990’s when I had four girls in school, a full time job, volunteered at the church and still had time to write romances.  This past decade has given me gray hair, a need for glasses, and keirnan-heads-upa tummy paunch.

It’s week 4 and Keirnan will be 4 months old on Saturday.  He naps for hours in the afternoon and I now recognize the difference in his cry of hungry, wet diaper, tired.  He’s a happy, active, little angel.  He’s giving me the external routine I instinctively knew I needed, to balance my time and energy.

While he naps, I write.  When he’s up, I play.  It’s early yet, but I feel like I’m tapping energetic memories of 20+ years ago, and it makes me feel younger.  If I’d known then, what I know now, I would live the exact same life, to get me to now.  Which is pretty damn awesome.

I even worked on my screenplay today.

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