Valentine’s Day flavored today’s meeting of Rose City Romance Writers with chocolates, treats and laughter.   I’ve been a member for six years, and held at least one volunteer position every year.  I love being part of the team, working forward on projects that are dear to our passion.  Today was the election of the new board and the end of my volunteering – for at least a few years.

Life throws us curves, to our goals, especially if those goals aren’t really clear.  My goal was “writing romances will be my retirement career”.  I should have stated that goal as:  “My career is producing novels, that line bookstore shelves, and readers adore.”  The energy of words used in our goals will help us achieve them, so, I’ve achieved the – writing romances goal.

Another intent was, I would write the love story of my parents marriage.  I expected this would be in novel form, sometime after I had a readership for my romances.  I assumed my parents story would be all about them, and sort of, the final book of my career, prior to death, a legacy to my children or something.  I vowed – I’d write it after my girls were grown and my parents gone.  I had no idea how fast that would happen, or how young I would be.  But suddenly I was there. The story of my parents and childhood is inspirational, and I have other stories to share, with this new voice in memoir.  I’m sure I’ll be part of a new team, with this real-life story.

I know the power of story, and adore creating fiction.  I’m sure my themes will overlap between non-fiction and fiction, some readers will enjoy both styles of my writing.  Only when my books are in readers hands, will I know.  That’s my goal.  My books, to be available in print, e-book and audio.  My focus is connecting with readers, the format is up to them.

It was with a touch of nostalgia, I watched my old life of volunteering, begin its final weeks.  The future being written,  my books on bookstore shelves, is fun to imagine.

Thanks for your comments.

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