I enjoy synchronicity, it makes me feel connected to the energy of life, beyond my schedule.  Synchronicity offered a change of events, on Monday.   I didn’t do grandma duties.   Instead, my grandson and his daddy bonded with no distractions.

When offered grandma duties on Tuesday, I said sure.  What I didn’t realize, was that I would be doing three days straight of non-stop exercise, with my four-month-old grandson.  Bend, lift, stretch, squat, repeat.  Wow.  Every muscle and joint in my body feels worn out, old, wimpy.  Not good.  I thought I was in better shape.

This means, today, I have to be careful while working on my screenplay.  When I get too into the zone, I start to stiffen and cramp.   My daddy said, “Getting old is not for the weak and feeble.”  He meant, it takes a lot of work, and conscious attention, to age well and keep active.

I now know my limits.  Two days in a row is my grandma limit. Synchronicity surprises us, but we learn something too.  This past month, I learned having baby time makes me feel younger, energetically.  But this week I realized, I’m physically older, so need to pamper me, in my body today.

2 thoughts on “exercise

  1. A layer of of the story I forgot! The coincidences that had meaning, affected me by default, because I babysit my grandson. His mommy and daddy have been through rough events this past year. I’ve been impressed at how they’ve held it together, with a dedication to the five sons they share, for their family.
    Through a mix up of keys and cars, easily fixed, his daddy chose not to work that day, and instead took time to rest, and play, with his son. Just the two of them, for hours alone. Worth so much more than the pay he would have gotten for the day.
    Which reminded me of my own daddy, and the layers of memories, when he paused his schedules, to share his time with me.


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