I’m enjoying this world of blog.  I can see how many times my blog is viewed and enjoy the mystery of who it might have been.  Other times I have someone post a comment, one was an accountant from London.  How cool is that?  I’m global now.  🙂

Yesterday, Rob MacGregor posted a question, that needed an answer.  It led to an exchange of emails and a fun new connection.  So I put the story together and now it’s posted on their blog, SYNCHRONICITY, check it out.  There’s a bunch of cool stuff and links on this site.  I can’t wait to get to a book store and check out their books.  But I have to stay on task this week, and get my screenplay done for class on Thursday.   On Friday I complete my final duty as Treasurer for Rose City Romance Writers.

The second half of my screenplay is going much better than the first half.   The experience has been enlightening but I am not thrilled with the restrictions of making everything visual, non-stop action, and no opportunity to delve deeply into my characters psyche and emotions.

I returned to college for the learning experience about my writing process.   It’s been awesome.  Unfortunately, this Grandma, has issues with grammar that need attention.

Thanks for your comments.

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