My theme for this week.   Kaleidoscope: an optical device that uses mirrors and objects to create a variety of colorful patterns.  I love them, but they give me a stiff neck.  Even worse, now that reading glasses are required to see the preciseness of the patterns, it’s no longer intimate.

Murphy’s Law did not apply this week, because nothing went wrong, it all went right but seemed to happen in reverse and created patterns unexpected.  There was even a blur around all the edges of events.

The main event  is – the demise of my Treasurer duties for RCRW.   This was my fourth year as Treasurer during the six I’ve been with the group.  I volunteered for the first three.  I was only maintaining the position this year, while an amazing lady recovered.  Except, she died.  Today, I turned the Treasurer duties over to a woman I barely knew, until we chatted for two hours during lunch.  It was fun to recall the changes to our RWA chapter since I attended the first meeting in Jan of 2003, and Deb Stover was the signing author.   As happens, when two women/writers chat, we found common bonds, while sharing delights and dramas within our own lives, that mirrored, but were poles apart.

A minor event today, was mailing our chapter newsletter for the last time, after doing it for three years.  We’re going electronic.  I hope I like it.

What I consider the optical device for this week, was completing the draft, of the second half, of my screenplay.  Learning this visual language of story, and the formatting rules, is a huge benefit to how I see the patterns of story.  I finished my draft at 11:40 pm on Tuesday, it is – acceptable – for a first draft.  I knew my Grandma time would prevent any improvements, so printed off the 13 copies to distribute at class on Thursday.  Except class was canceled.  Teacher’s daughter was sick.  One of our daughters arrived, early that day, at our house, because she was, sick.  I am not going to revise and reprint, it’s done.

I always said, writing books will be my retirement career.  Yesterday, a friend announced her imminent retirement, so she could focus, on her new career.   We’re both planning to be very busy, the antonym of retiring.  I think the difference is, we know it’s work but, it’s also our passion.  I’ve planned to change the patterns in my days, for so many years, it’s fun to see the changes are here, and nothing like I planned!

Life is like the Kaleidoscope, it only takes a tiny twist, and everything changes, into a new pattern of colors.

Thanks for your comments.

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