Celebrate Romance

The new moon each month is usually overlooked, because it’s -not there- in the sky.  Everyone has an opinion on the full moon, that can be tracked through police and medical records, as our bodies are mainly water, and the full moon has a huge affect on the tides and gravity of Mother Earth’s oceans.  I’m as willing as anyone to dance in the field, howling, under a full moon.  But, my life seems to be connected to the new moons.  The invisible one that – in astrology – heralds, new beginnings.  There was a new moon a few days ago.

I checked whether the Cheshire Moon in the sky was waxing or waning.  It’s waxing, which means, getting bigger.

This overlooked new moon created my Kaleidoscope week.  I think it’s heralding for me, a new stage in my life.  One I’ve dreamed about since I was 12.  My entrance into the world of writing books.

The journey of “writing books” has been long, with a few life twists and turns; a cross country move, a year on the road- as a pack mule -after hubby’s car accident, the deaths of my parents, the births of my grandsons, all our girls grown and gone, and finally, my return to college.  But now I am here, writing books.  Well, in truth, rewriting books already written, to make them better, for the reader.  This new stage in my life got the !!! tonight, because of Celebrate Romance.

Who doesn’t want to Celebrate every day and have Romance every night?  If you do – go to Miriam Webster’s definitions of those two words – and make sure you know what your goals are.  🙂

Of the 19 attening authors at this event, I’ve had personal connections with eight of them during the past six years.  I know them as friends, women.  I know their challenges with the world of publishing, the balance they strive to achieve between personal nurturing, family, and business:  the snow storms they’ve endured, their children, their dreams, their trials.

And they know me, even if they can’t remember my name.  They’ve read my blog.  We hug.  We celebrate.  I read their books and they assure me, they can’t wait to read mine.

Which will happen, as I figure out, how to use that invisible new moon energy, and turn it into, a huge ball of light in the sky.

Thanks for your comments.

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