Who are Romance Novelists?

To a nephew in college, I am, that fun aunt – from out of town.   He made a joke about romance novelists then felt bad to realize that’s my chosen profession.  As happens, since synchronicity is part of my life, my friend Teri Brown was featured for the local Tigard newspaper, for who she is to her community.  She’s a great example of following her passion and transforming the lives of many.  Read My Lips, is a wonderful story I recommend for all preteen girls.

Romance novelists come in all shapes and sizes, have careers in every industry, and begin writing at any age between puberty and death.  The only thing they have in common is a passion for reading romance novels.  This is the primary requirement for being a romance novelist, the second is the ability to write.

As in any industry, the best way to succeed is through networking.  As with any craft, the mastery takes passion, time, talent, humility, and, practice, practice, practice.   The next stage is best described by my friend Jessa Slade, in her post,  How to Stalk and Capture an Agent.

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