My latest research book is  The Indigo Children-Ten Years Later by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober.  This is part of my process, a fun book and a research book, to get distance from my current work-in-process and come back to work, fresh.

The fun book was Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter.  Or so I thought, because I was so inspired by her “voice”, that it really helped with editing the beginning chapters of my memoir.  So that meant I could read another fun book, Running Time by T.J. MacGregor.   This was so awesome that I’m going to read it again before I say more.

So – the Indigo book.  It’s good, with articles from around the globe, from skilled and accredited professionals.  However, unless you’re in academia putting together a request for a research grant, feel free to skip or skim the first (biggest) section, “Educators Speak”.  Except, read the last two pages, “Ten Ways We Misunderstand our Children” by Jan Hunt, M. Sc.

“From Health Workers” was interesting and I liked the article by Howard Peiper, N.D.  This article broke things into biology and chemistry, crystals and flower essences, which I found pretty cool!

There are also copies of articles from Time Magazine that showed it is valid to consider our children may have different physical conditions, skills, interests, and sensitivities, than we do as adults, or did as children.  Uh, Duh!

“Indigos at Work” was interesting and finally gives a brief glimpse into the promise on the front cover, “What’s happening with the Indigo Teenagers!”  Then there’s another brief glimpse at that, in the short final section, “From Parents and Indigos”.

I heard about this Indigo thing in the early ’90’s from my brother Rick.  (He’s in medicine, runs the heart-and-lung machine during open-heart surgeries.)  He’d heard there were lots of children being born, where some of that junk DNA, scientists thought was dormant in our bodies, was now activating.  I thought that was pretty cool.   When I first learned about the double helix, I thought it was sort of silly that most of it was worthless, according to whatever science book I was learning from, in the ’70’s.

It’s important to note the Indigo color has nothing to do with aura’s.  One woman, Nancy Tappe with a unique vision ability, saw a new blue color when viewing people.  Others made a connection of this new color, to our DNA, being less, junk.  Which is totally fine with me.  If we’ve got DNA, might as well use it.

I am very anti-labels, especially when it comes to children!  However, my mom taught to always be informed about what’s being promoted in the world, especially in regards to children.   Which was my main focus on reading this book since it’s now promoted that 90% of children under 10 are Indigo.

One article of interest to me, with lots of children in my life, was “Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm” by Barbra Gilman.   This was a good article with practical and holistic advice, some personal tidbits, and made me feel good.  I was raised by, conscious parents.   Our daughters were raised by, conscious parents.

The “New Paradigm” part of this whole Indigo thing has me feeling tired of hearing the phrase.  Isn’t every every birth the start of a new paradigm?   We told all four of our daughters that they were each raised by a different set of parents, because each birth changed us, as parents.  Our girls felt that made us less odd, for still being married, since most of their friends parents, weren’t.

After reading this book, it’s possible some of my junk DNA is doing it’s job, instead of sitting dormant.  I totally agree with the main points of this book, schools need to meet the needs of students to learn, and parents need to learn to be parents.  To do so, in both school and home, is to pay attention and listen to our children, for who they are, while creating a nurturing environment, with responsible boundaries, for them.

The only real surprise I got from this book is figuring out Lee Carroll’s age.  I met him a few years ago, liked his humor and energy, figured he was a few years older than me.  (He looks just like his picture.)  Nope, he’s got to be at least 74, so maybe there’s something healthy to channeling a magnetic master.  If it’s going to benefit our children, I say, keep up the good work.

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