Today I played the License Plate game.  It was a bit different from the way I played it as a child, because I was alone in the car, and, I’ve been brushing up on my numerology.  Each number, one through nine, has a certain energetic vibration and, over the years I’ve simplified what each one means to me personally.

My “number” all my life, is 713.  No reason, just liked it.  Since learning numerology, I know this is a message to remember daily.  7 13  means – spirit and self in balance.  It might mean something else, to someone else, but that’s what it means to me.  I also like noticing the words to the songs on the radio.   Many times I’ve been focused on a specific issue, or question, or concern, and suddenly notice the words of the song on the radio are giving me the answer.   It’s really fun!

So back to the license plate game.  I found a new flavor to this, 12 years ago, in 1997.   We lived in New Jersey and were intent on moving to Oregon, homeless, jobless, with 4 kids and a dog.  Insane!  It was a bad day, and I was feeling, this dream/goal/objective – truly was insane.  On my way home from work ( a really good job it was insane to give up) my request from God/source/spirit was for a sign that this was the right choice.

I learned this in my childhood, from Mom and Dad.  Prayers are answered, and God lets us know, but we have to pay attention.  So I pay attention to all kinds of things!

That day, I was asking for a sign, it was a few weeks before all hell broke loose.  Long story, I’ll put it in a book.  So I’m driving home from work, in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Surrounded by New Jersey license plates.  Then the car in front of me changed lanes, and I closed the space on – an Oregon license plate.  Three numbers on one side, three letters on the other, tall tree in the middle.  In New Jersey?  I laughed!

Of course, two days later, I saw two more Oregon license plates, because that’s my personal rule.  If it is an important message from spirit, I want 3 signs.  And I got them, in 3 days.  Without that affirmation I wouldn’t have been able to hold true, to the signs, with what my family endured, in the following weeks.  Our family move to Oregon took place on 7-17 that year.  I didn’t understand why it wasn’t on 7-13, then.

Fast forward, 12 years, and tons of transitions, to today.  A good day in Oregon.   Driving to the monthly meeting, workshop, with my romance writers group.  A rainy Saturday morning.  Just driving.  A glance at the license plate of a car.  My mind automatically assesses the numbers and letters of a license plate.  No big deal, simple message of the numbers and the letters sort of have the flavor of a word.   Cute.

But then, every car, every license plate, was doing the same thing.  3 random numbers, 3 random letters, noticed in a quick glance, had cute messages.  Nothing earth shattering, just fun.  But, every car?  Finally I was on my own in a misty fog and laughing, wondering.   Staying back from being able to see the numbers and letters on the car ahead.  Except one passed on the left and I automatically glanced, saw a number and word message.  I laughed again!  It was so fun!

So I asked out loud, alone in my car, “who’s playing with me?”

A car went by with the license plate – ZTV 902.

The message I got was, Zenith TV, Sept 2nd.  Daddy was a TV repairman, his birthday Sept. 2nd.

How cool is that?  Daddy and I were playing the license game.  Then a van, with donuts and coffee decals in colorful splendor, drove by.  The license plate was:


Then Elton John’s voice crooned through the radio speakers, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, and the words, “Should have listened to my old man…”

I stopped at the vending machine, before I went into the romance writers meeting.  Got a “Payday.”   Nuts and carmel.  The story of my life.  Gotta love it!

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