Running Time

I recently read, Running Time by T.J. MacGregor, this is the second book in a series and I hope there are more.   One reviewer stated it was different than her “normal” books, so I have no choice but to find out, what normal may be, for T.J.

This also happened when I discovered Tess Gerritsen.  I read The Bone Garden and loved it, but found it was also “different from her normal” books.   I’ve read some of her normal ones, and they are very good, but I guess it’s like your first love, others may be better or worse, but it was that first one that really made the impact.  🙂  The story shifts between present time and 1830, and I loved how she tied it together in the end.

Both of these women are master storytellers.

I picked up Running Time by T.J. MacGregor specifically because it was the second book in the series.  I have my own nefarious reasons for that, as a writer, and will probably reread this book many times…   This book also shifts between present and 1695 but not just in story, this is a Time Travel book.   It has strong and fascinating story threads that build and twist as they connect tighter and tighter.   There are some scenes at the end, that are just awesome!

My greater fascination with Running Time is knowing that Time Travel could all be very real.  The Monroe Institute is a real place and the technology and science, making Time Travel possible in the story, is very much, right now.  I was amazed at how simply T.J. explained some pretty intense biophysics and quantum mechanics.  I also know, from personal sources, that secret organizations like SPOT, are very probable, and their government connections.   So while this is a novel, there was no suspension of disbelief.  As I am reading through it again, taking my time, I can see even more details that just make it – fascinating.

Of course there are some story points that, well, had to be done, for the sake of the story.  Like a convenient laptop with all the information easily accessed.  But, with the pacing of this story, some of the secondary characters have to be brought up to speed in a hurry, and there is no one around to tell them,  so I’m glad the author tossed the kids a loaded laptop.

As a reader, I can be happy, with an entertaining escape, and I have a few fav authors I trust, who always deliver.   They just can’t deliver as many stories in a year as I want to read.  However, seldom in my reading life have I felt the desire to reread, and absorb, the story.   I have a new – first love.

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