Tis the season of new beginnings.  I spent the day rebuilding my computer.  Yep, virus alert, yesterday.  I shut down and baked treats for my final screenwriting class.   After the party, Ed did some stuff to my computer, (it helps to have a PC genius in the house) and I was able to back up everything, that wasn’t.  I’m usually good at backups, but I really loved being able to get it all!

This morning I began-wiping the computer clean, then slowly building it up.  It took six hours, numerous reboots, some modifications, and only my Outlook file wouldn’t work.  There’s another guru I know who may be able to help with that.  It’s all good, I have most of “my contacts”, in a spreadsheet.

It gave me pause, to do this work today, because that’s the theme of the first day of spring.  Fresh growth, a new season, turning over and loosening the dirt, a clean start.

I now have a whole new look to my screen, learned a bunch of stuff, and did it all by myself.  The highlight of this experience was being able to log into my blog, and my favorite links were easy to bookmark again.   Then I logged onto my Facebook account, and most of “my contacts”, are also my friends.

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. You find them, I’ll chop.
    I can’t imagine their motivation, someone has to be paying them to make misery. Probably the people who sell virus blockers. I was just doing a little research and – bam – Ed said I had 41 issues between viruses and worms.


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