Four letter words, they’ve been swirling in a triangle in my mind.  I imagined Play on the top of the triangle, with Work and Rest on the bottom.   Now if you follow the links to Merriam-Webster’s definitions, you’ll notice, rest is scarcely defined while work and play are defined in a variety of directions.  Which makes me wonder if rest should go on top of the triangle.  Or if the triangle should be inverted with rest on the bottom and work and play on the top.

It was a grandma day today, and he’s adorable, but requires work.  I sit on the floor and play with him, and he rests for half an hour in the morn – two in the afternoon.   During his long nap today, I rested and mused.

My friend Elizabeth had a work trip last week, an exciting one, autographing her latest novel while the books were still in a warehouse.  In two days, she autographed 6,240 books.  She wore a brace for her carpal tunnel, and had a uni-ball pen.  It took a week of REST for her shoulder and hand to feel better.   While this could never be considered PLAY, she was thrilled to do so, because she loves her WORK and her readers.

When our girls were young,  it was a lot of work for us to play as a family.  I’d joke I needed to get back to work (my job), to rest from the vacation.  Now the girls are all on their own and I’m redefining these four letter words.  Writing used to be my play, reading my rest.

We have a weekend place now, for play.  Bicycles and kayaks are waiting in storage for the weather to warm.   I’m sure I’ll take books to read, and chapters to edit, but the focus will be play and rest.   I’ve learned this past year, from friends who are full time novelists, writing and reading are now work, and they love it, but they have to rest from it, and take time to play.  I’m still shifting into this thought process.

Thanks for your comments.

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