I’ve been living in Oregon for 11 years and still marvel that spring begins before May!  Lenten Roses are blooming, primroses popping and all the branches are getting the furry brush of buds.  The weather was blah overcast, with not even a breeze, but it was still nice to walk around outside.

I got word this morning that a “check is in the mail” for an article I wrote.  My first check as a writer!  How cool is that?  Well, I did get paid well, to write, in my former life, but that was technical writing – not something that inspired too much delight.

At the beginning of the month I vowed, I was going to celebrate all the little things.   We are planning a dinner with friends tomorrow.  Tonight I turned to Facebook and had fun.  My nephew posted this link Johann Strauss: “Emperor Waltz” to enjoy.  Then I learned my niece has new job at  Swami Mami. I checked in on a friend stuck in a Colorado blizzard.  She’s doing fine, the snow stopped at a foot, the sun is shining, and she didn’t lose power.

At the same time I vowed to celebrate, romance is the other energy I want more of in my life.  (Hubby just ran off to channel surf!)   This led me to become a Facebook Fan of  Avon romance reading circle.   It starts in a few days.

In other family news, everyone I personally know, that’s been economically strained these past months, is moving forward in promising ways.  Which is the true beauty of spring, it’s our annual refresh.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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