Rewrites begin

Stories do not begin as the polished prose found in books.  Nor do visual stories magically unfold onto the screen as first written.  Story begins with an idea, theme or incident and will transform many times before completion.  The characters are supposed to transform through the story too.

I used one of my own work-in-process novels, as the story for the screenwriting class I just completed, and began storyboarding and rewriting it last week.  This takes an almost obsessive focus, and the story interconnects with another w-i-p novel.  (Both of these manuscripts were put on hold while I wrote my memoir of my parents.)   I know these stories and characters well, and suddenly it hit me, my hero had no special something -to make him as interesting (to me) -as the rest of the characters in the two books.

It suddenly came to me, my hero will be a Jungian.  Giving him this added interest in Carl Jung and synchronicity has made my hero, and the story, much more fun to me and required a trip to the library and two days of extensive reading.    Ah, love research!

Now I’m reviewing the ancient art of face reading so I can figure out what he looks like.  Some writers flip through magazines but to me, those faces have little character.

Obsessing about my story, and focusing on facial features, will be great these next two days.  They are grammy days and he’s miserable with teething this week.  Our oldest grandson lost his first tooth, and our youngest is getting his first tooth.  How cool is that?

Thanks for your comments.

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