Where’s the Sun?

It’s been damp and dreary so far this spring – and I’m really desperate for sunny days!  Fortunately, 5 1/2 month-old, Kiernan is a delight 3 days a week.  Scroll down to “Picture Day” to see our darling.

If you’re a writer, T. J. MacGregor has posted the April astrological blurbs.

For Historical Romance lovers, Elizabeth Boyle’s latest hit the stands yesterday, another book will be out next month, and they’re connected stories.

My writing routine is starting to stabilize, though I did get distracted helping a daughter with her credit issues today.  <Sigh.>  Now that my memoir is done, I’m researching and querying agents and spending most of my web surfing time on that.  Which is fun for me, but not unearthing anything fun to share.

I did read that Mitch Albom has a new non-fiction book scheduled to be out in September.   He wrote Tuesday’s with Morrie and my daughter’s say my memoir, of their grandparents, begins where “Morrie” ends, but is a lot more fun.  Hmm…  I wonder if his agent wants another client.  🙂

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