Interactive Books?

The world of publishing is fascinating to me.  My first impression, as a business professional, was that the business model of publishing was so random and improbable, it didn’t compute!  After all these years with insider information, I still don’t understand, how it works, but am content to know it needs people like me, writers.  🙂

I got my first peak inside the hallowed halls in the mid 1990’s, as a member of NJRW.  This is one of the largest chapters of RWA, and where a newbie, unpublished writer (me), could easily find herself chatting with agents and editors from New York.  This was my first taste of the “higher echelon” in the publishing world and I was too new to be intimidated or inspired.  Sure, they dressed better than I did, but they were all friendly, knowledgeable and loved talking the business.

I first heard about ebooks and electronic publishing when I joined WW after we moved to Oregon.  My day job was in front of a computer screen, so I was not interested in the concept of ebooks.  I was learning how to write narrative non-fiction but wasn’t finding the joy, in the literary world, that I tasted in the romance world.  After 9/11/01, I returned to romance and the joy of creating story.

Though I’ve focused on writing memoir these past three years, (and returning to college) I remained connected to the romance/publishing world.    Today I read  that Harlequin Books is partnering with Big Fish Games.  Harlequin is going to publish books based on Big Fish games and Big Fish is going to create games based on Harlequin Presents books.  How cool is that?   Interactive, graphic, stories.  A step beyond the ebook or the new video trailers used to promo novels.

Granted, these are not ‘my type’ of stories/games, I play Spider Solitare and prefer hardcover books.  But I have grandsons now, have purused the Manga shelves in bookstores, and did a workshop last spring on graphic novels – very different than ‘comic books’!

I’m positive the wonder and connection of sitting by the fire with a dynamic story, turning pages, will be in my grandson’s futures.  (Busy towns became deserted the day after the latest Harry Potter book hit the stands.)  I love all forms of story and know it is the one-on-one connection between author and reader that transports the imagination.   However that looks, or whatever format new readers begin the journey, doesn’t matter.

The opportunity for international stories in my grandson’s future is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Books?

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on Barb’s blog. I think I’m fixin’ to die. People have been saying the nicest things about me lately.

    I think publish-on-demand has made vanity press so affordable that we will soon be elbow deep in self-published titles, and discriminating readers will feast. I’m looking forward to Kindle-on-demand which should bring the prices even lower. It’s actually quite an exciting time to be an author.


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