Shedding the Chrysalis

This is the phrase my brother Rick used, for how he felt, regarding his 60th birthday.  He’s retired, but working to keep his certifications current, while waiting until his wife is eligible to retire.  Their children are grown, Rick feels no need for putting down roots, and is living a very simple lifestyle.   He’s not pleased at the prospect of growing old, but prefers it to the alternative of being dead.  I think there are more options.

Since it was a granny day today, I flipped through the magazine pile on my kitchen table.  Susy Welch has published a new decision strategy called 10-10-10.  I haven’t read the book but the write up about it states, to look at how the decision you are considering will affect your life in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years – and then decide.

We had a similar rule, that Mom taught us to use, before getting into an argument about something.   Mom’s advice was, if you can see this may have an impact on your life, five years from now, get in there and fight to win.  Otherwise, state your truths, agree to disagree, and let it go.  Unfortunately, there have been a few times when I looked back and realized, I should have taken a stronger stand, five years ago.  🙂

That leads me to the other article I found interesting, Wisdom of the Elders, that shows other alternatives between getting old or being dead.

My brother Rick at 60, is healthier physically, mentally and spiritually, than many men, at any age.  He’s “shed the chrysalis” of his life to transform into something new, and vibrant, in his own past, more than once.  This time is different, he’s not shedding the old because he’s found something new.  Now he knows he’s complete with the “old”, and not sure what the “new” may look like, yet knows it’s something only he can create – because it is – his life.

It’s a little over two years since our parents estate was settled in entirety.  Rick retired and entered a very adventurous year, then settled into his current job and lifestyle.  I simply shed the chrysalis of 4-door sedans and mini-vans.  Yesterday I had Ed take a picture of me and my 3-yr-old car.

sharkTiberon mean Shark in Spanish, I don’t know what it means in Korean, but this sporty car was manufactured in Kentucky, USA.  This Shark gets 33 mpg on highways and 28 when running errands.  I love having the speed and control, as needed, or on back country roads!

The grandsons love it too!

I am very fortunate to know, I wanna-be, a romance novelist.  🙂  I’ll explain what that means to me, tomorrow, as I share Elizabeth Boyle’s lastest delight for her readers!

Thanks for your comments.

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