Knowing – the movie

I love Nicholas Cage, I’ve seen a dozen or more of his movies (there’s 60), and enjoy how he can be these very individual characters, while still being, himself.   The latest, Knowing –  Movie Trailer, is interesting.   Mr. Cage is a scientist, a widowed father, and emotionally wounded.   It was sad to see him as a victim, but he was unbroken, so I was totally involved in his wounded hero role.  This is probably the only thing that kept me seated.

I didn’t know it was another Armageddon movie.  How old news is that?

Fresh from two quarters in screenwriting classes, with many movie buffs in the class, I watched this movie from a different perspective.  It was good, scenes, moods, music, pacing, and surprises.   Some of the set pieces (and issues) are blatant stereotypes.  Nick Cage is so good at keeping the focus on the personal journey of the character, well, I was willing to forgive some of the Hollywood tripe.  Until, he became defensive, that his son, Calab has some hearing distortions, but isn’t hearing impaired.  This was so out-of-character, for the type of father Mr. Cage was portraying, I wanted to smack him.  Which shows my truth, I can’t remember the character’s name, portrayed by Nickolas Cage.  LOL!

The basic premise of the movie,  an alien race – I think its supposed to be the Pleadians – transmitted a message about disasters, in numbers, to a young girl.  Unfortunately her message was written on a piece of paper (and a door), that was to be locked into a time capsule for 50 years, opened only days before the final codes would transpire.   What was the point?   Advanced civilizations are so stupid they send message we’ll never get?  Unless, in the final moment, the right guy sets his drink on the few numbers, that will mean something to him, only to warn a select few there is no hope.

The biblical or moral points, of this story, are overly simplistic, barely good for a laugh.  The esoteric ending is exclusive, and demeaning, to the whole of humanity.   The final implosion, of earth from a solar flare, wasn’t very creative either.

I’m not sure what this movie is trying to sell.  Toyotas?  Trucks?  Smooth black river rocks?  The message that humans do not need to clean up their own mess on Mother Earth because the sun, is going to emit a huge solar flare, and do it for us?  Advanced species are so stupid they hide their messages in concrete for decades?

Fortunately, when we arrived home – after this movie date – Ed started channel surfing and found “My Cousin Vinnie” was just starting.   This is a story I will happily sit through, even with commercials.  Oh yeah!  Characters who make choices, control their own destiny, have goals, listen to others, benefit others, say “Thank you”.

People who learn, care, survive and transform, even in Mississippi mud…

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