Word Choices

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Strunk & White and Marc Acito posted a great tribute on NPR.

To begin editing my work-in-process novel, I did a search/replace of wimpy, lazy and passive words, making them all CAPS.  There are other words I know automatically fly through my fingers, beyond my control, and I’m blind to reading them on the page.  Now, when I see -JUST- 10 times in a paragraph, it jumps out at me.   It’s been two years since I last touched this novel and returning to college, and blogging, has improved my style.  I’m less likely now, to back into my sentences with passive clauses.  🙂

My apologies  to all my fellow storytellers who plan to (or have already) take advantage of the 2012 Doom Machine and base dramas on the annihilation of Mother Earth and all humanity.  It was insensitive of me to reveal, in my review of the movie Knowing, that Armageddon is old news.

The good news is, there’s plenty of story conflict still available from pirates, natural disasters, drug cartels and nasty next door neighbors.   Vampires may be losing some appeal but other magical creatures are transforming from nightmares into heroic molds.

Tomorrow I’m attending a Readers Luncheon, sponsored by our chapter.   While I won’t say romance is “THE” life changing force, I’ll admit it is one I find most fun.  I’ll return home with a pile of to-be-read books and am pretty confident most will be grammatically correct and none will end with Armageddon.

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