Live long and prosper

Today was glorious, sunny, warm and wonderfully lazy.  I didn’t intend to play hooky but after a long and dreary winter, I wasn’t in the mood to stay indoors.  I was on the deck, flipping through the AAA Vista magazine, and noticed a mention of a Labyrinth at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Clackamas.  Though I can’t  remember what the first was, this was the second connection this morning, to this.  So after lunch I hopped in the car and drove to the hospital.

I wandered around outside the buildings, marveling once again, how nice hospitals are today in comparison to what they were 30 years ago.  (I’ve had enough hospital time, in recent years, as a visitor.)   I like following a hunch, and felt pretty sure I’d find the Labyrinth in a certain area.  I didn’t, and walked around the huge complex, asked some people, and then kept walking.  When I found it, I realized it was right where my earlier hunch was leading me, if only I’d explored a little farther.

It’s cute, and in a peaceful healing garden with pretty landscaping and water features.  I walked carefully around the path all the way to the center, then in reverse to the beginning.  I paused and relaxed then went home.  It was nice.

This evening was just as lazy, burgers on the grill, Ed and a buddy attempting to shoot hoops after dinner.  Watched some amazing singers perform on American Idol.  Watched some clips on TED and then checked Graham Hancock’s latest.  I found this site years ago, after reading Fingerprints of the Gods, and love the daily posts of random news items from around the globe, collected in one spot.

Rita Levi Montalcini turned 100 today and is still an actively working scientist.  What a classy lady.

Venice is going to turn invasive alge, into a fuel source.  Antartica ice is growing despite global warming, and the African Government is limiting its people by only allowing information about basic healthcare and fundamental education.

The Einstein Quote of the Day:  Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving.

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