spiral down the stonehenge hole

The allergies are here, spring is in the air.  My primary defense is saline nasal spray.

When I feel cloudy and congested, there’s nothing like getting a spark of interest from something cool.  Like learning about instructions left for the post-apocalypse humans, in eight languages, on a huge monument in Georgia, completed in 1981.

I was in Georgia in 2007.  I saw Stonehenge in England for the first time in 2008.  Only tonight did I learn, there’s a connection.  There’s always something cool to me on Graham Hancock’s site,  but tonight I spiraled through articles and links, and printed a bunch of stuff to read.   Ed and I have visited the Maryhill Stonehenge a few times and I have a picture of him casting shadows on those stones, as the cover for a planned novel.  Maybe it’s a nudge to get busy.

So here’s what I found:  These are called the Georgia Guidestones, surrounded by mystery and decades of drama.  I printed the article and the 50 page guidebook.  🙂   I’m a writer, we love research.  Once I had paper copy, I was free to search more.  Another “Stonehenge” is in Salem, NH and then…  OMG!  They are all over America, built from fridges, foam and automobiles.   (The word, cars, didn’t have the resonance I wanted.)   Some are credited to artists, others to eccentrics.  Some are raised in a day, others take decades.

For some reason, they all have astronomical significance, at the spring equinox.

Except, I’m not sure about the astrological alignment of Carhenge, but it’s predecessor, Cadillac Ranch, does remind me of Easter Island

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to spiral down the stonehenge hole

  1. sarsen56 says:

    Hi Terri
    here you go, hope you like this page:


  2. terripatrick says:

    Thanks so much for this link!
    This looks like my kind of book – “archaeological evidence” and “the elegantly simple geometric principles behind its design are revealed.”


  3. Sarsen56 says:

    Thanks Terri, glad you found it useful !


  4. Jessa Slade says:

    Ooh, another Graham Hancock fan! Some people think he’s a nut, but he’s such a fascianting nut 🙂 I have an unfinished futuristic inspired by some of his thoughts. Well, that and my unquenchable love of Indiana Jones.


  5. terripatrick says:

    I love a good nut – especially an articulate one!
    Indiana is awesome – as our youngest daughter stated, when she heard her dad had drinks with Harrison Ford, “he’s only the second sexiest old guy, next to George Clooney.”


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