Between Susan Boyle The Sound of Music in Antwerp Station and this years American Idol competition, I’m truly enjoying the connection with song – sung well!  I have a sensitive ear, and usually agree with Simon Cowell more than the other judges, but am glad I don’t have his job.

I sang relatively well, in younger years, as part of a large choir, in the back row because I was loud.  Choir directors loved having me in the group because I could keep my section on key, though one did inspect my mouth – and tell me it was deformed – and that’s why my voice is so heavy with too much vibrato.

Unlike Susan, I never dreamed of a professional singing career.  Like Susan, I knew my life dream at the age of 12.   Susan kept singing, I keep writing.  I haven’t hit a huge stage yet, but I’ve continued to work, learn, read and write, write, write, even though one writing teacher told me I should just give it up.

I wonder if anyone every told Susan that…

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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