First Quarter Moon

My sister Rose plants her garden when the moon is waxing.  I think that growth energy today, of the moon and spring, was affecting my grandson Kiernan.   He’s 6 mos old, didn’t want to nap, crawled all over the house, laughing and playing.  Tons of fun to watch!  While I feel he’s growing too independent too fast, it’s easier on me that he now entertains himself.

This example of how life is always moving toward a new stage, was mirrored as I started collecting a few pictures, for a family reunion this summer.  My husband’s family is celebrating their 60th Anniversary of coming to America, as refugees from Slovenia.

As a writer, I love research and organizing the timelines of historical events.  When they are personal, it’s even more fun.   The stages of life, especially as children, happen so fast.  I don’t feel much older than when I was watching my own girls crawl on the floors, but they’re all on their own, working in careers.

This first quarter moon has affected me this week, I’ve been wading through all kinds of cool stuff but also, clarifying my objectives and goals for the summer, the year, the future.  So it’s a good thing I’m off in the morning to our weekend place, where no blogs will reach me or cool websites spiral me down a rabbit hole.

I have an extra focus, as I rest and play this weekend, to give thanks for breathing, living,  according to today’s example.  Elizabeth Molatore, showed her appreciation to those who saved her life.   The video of her reading the poem is in the right sidebar, second box.  I know her through Chrysalis Women Writers. Elizabeth fought to live for days, before her heart finally settled into a new rhythm.

Look at the moon, give thanks for the stages of life, now, not after a heart attack.

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