I love May.  It meant the beginning of spring in the brrr! climates where we lived, then we moved to Oregon in ’97.  Everything is in bloom, cherry blossom petals and used seed casings layer the ground.  I can barely see the driveway!

May 1st was (is?) my parents Wedding Anniversary, I’m not sure of the protocol for days, that involved celebrations my whole life, that are over now.   Ed and I were at our weekender place, we met new friends, and celebrated Opening Night/New Owners at the local bar & grill on the lake.

I went out early on Friday, Ed arrived hours later with supplies to build a utility bathroom, and an early Birthday Present for me!  An ATV!  It’s red, the right size, and easy!  Now I can go on trail rides to those places only accessible to hikers, horses and dirt bikers!  How cool is that!  I can easily haul picnic supplies to our favorite beach spot, and will soon be towing my kayak to the launch.  Every Grandma should have her own ATV!

In other news, Elizabeth’s Pippin and Dash story hit the bookstore shelves, and Trish posted the Writer’s horoscopes for May.

My latest research book is Beyond Heaving Bosoms, a delightful and informative romp, for anyone interested in romance books (the only portion of the publishing world that hasn’t tanked in this current economy, happy endings appeal to readers).    It also explains why romantic heroes are Alpha males.  🙂

Thanks for your comments.

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