I love astrology for all the clues the stars provide to de-stress.  Since I follow astrological updates, I take a breathe when I feel the challenge of the day, knowing the planets keep moving, and this too, shall pass.

Everyone on the planet is being touched this May by a Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury is the Trickster of the solar system and has a marked influence on communications and electronics.  This includes computers.  🙂  For a great example how this can play out, check out Elizabeth Boyle’s trip recap.   The best part of her post is she also shows the cool stuff that happened.  This is one lesson of a Mercury Retrograde, to understand through glitches and delays, those treats that may have less impact if everything was smooth as silk from start to finish.  Otherwise her post may have been, “Wonderful trip, awesome scenery, great people.”  Instead, the blessings are more appreciated!

Another Horror to Escape is found in Marc Acito’s article about saving money by cutting your own hair.   I did this for years until my friend convinced me to donate my head to her students at Phagan’s School for Hair Design.   The certifications the students achieve are not only for working in salons.  One would work for a plastic surgeon, another specialized in pedicures as a preliminary to massage thereapies.  Most see their work as a special service to help others improve their self esteem through feeling pretty.

I got an email forwarded from my brother that brings these two posts today together.  (I got them today because I was off-line all weekend.)  This link shows the universal symbols for male-female can be creatively unique.  Creativity is another Mercury influence.

Thanks for your comments.

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