The Digital Way

It’s really weird to be old enough to have typed computer punch cards in college and now watch people Twitter.

Photos were taken and never seen until the roll of film was used up, and taken for the week long processing, until pictures were viewed.  Now we have YouTube.

Today I read a blog about the death of voice mail, in preference to Twitter, IM’s and email.  I learned phone etiquette while using a rotary dial.

When our girls were young, they were the first of their cousins to have more than three TV channels, a remote control, a camcorder, and more than one computer in the house.    Now, # 1 daughter avoids computers and is afraid of credit cards.  # 2 daughter has DSL but no cable TV; (They rent movies or read books).  # 3 daughter  has two cell phones, a personal one and one for business; (She’s on Facebook but seldom posts).  # 4 daughter texts constantly, destroys cell phones monthly(she buys the replacement insurance) and posts on Facebook daily, more than once.   None of these four women would be able to  explain what a byte is… none of them read blogs (not even mine 🙂 ).

When I look at my daughters: #1 is an Optician with 2 sons; #2 is a CPA with an amazing husband; #3 is a LMT and has a  dog and a horse: # 4 is almost 20 and has already managed a staff…  I see amazing women, who may or may not use the latest and greatest in electronic technology.  That was their parents thing.

And I count my blessings because all four of our daughters are avid users of text messaging, which means, we all show up on time, at the right place, when we want to get together for a party.

We’re all good cooks.

There’s a bunch of amazing recipes available on-line…

There’s even a new world called Flicker.  A friend sent me news about cool stuff and conventions in the world of Legos.

Thanks for your comments.

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