Celebrate Life

In my life, May 13th has always been a good day.  Sometimes it’s been a big deal celebration of something, other times, like this year, it was a day that felt wonderful.  A good day to be alive.  Yesterday, was one of those days.  We had wood freshly stacked for next winter and nothing but sunny summer days ahead.

This morning, Kiernan arrived for a grammy day, he’s 7 mos old today!  He’s crawling, entertains himself and is a joy to have in the house.  That mattered immensely for Ed today.  He got news this morning that his dad – after being hale and hearty and full of fun for 75 years – was not being treated for pneumonia as expected.  Instead lung cancer was discovered.   Ed held his healthy grandson for a time.

Many hours later we learned Ed’s dad is much worse than expected.  As the next few days unfold, many of our summer plans may change.  I look at the calendar – my mom died on May 19th, 2005 – I turn 50 on the 20th.   While I don’t expect I’ll spend this birthday on a plane, to attend a funeral, the cycle of living is always potent to me at this time of year.  But this year, it also is, for my husband and his family.

My focus is that, my father-in-law, of more than half my life, will show us a new level of living for the next year, maybe more…  It’s possible.

My mom was given 1-3 years in 1994.  She lived 11 more.  Her funeral was a celebration of life, because that’s how she lived.  As do I.

Thanks for your comments.

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