As a New Years resolution, I joined Facebook and began connecting with friends and family through the digital world.  It’s been fun but also confusing as upgrades change the face of my pages.  When I learn something new to use, it disappears, or goes somewhere, and doesn’t work the way it did. I’m sure it’s an improvement, to someone.

It’s fun to learn new technologies, try new things, work through help files.  I used to write help files.   I’m seldom impressed with help files, they seem to be written more as marketing promos for how cool this upgrade is, instead of taking the user through the steps, to utilize the benefits.

With a new weekend place this year, I’m required to unplug from the digital and internet world, to enjoy Mother Nature and new friends.  This is a wonderful!  I’ve been connected with the latest and greatest of computer technology for most of my adult life, which is equal to the  birth and evolution of the world of bytes.  Now I disconnect and enjoy face to face conversations, sometimes while slowly cruising across the lake, with lots of laughter and beer.

I read a new friends book.  Minnette Meador‘s  StarSight is Volume I, and I don’t have Volume II in my hands yet, so can’t say how awesome this fantasy will be in comparison to Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, or J.K.’s “Harry Potter” – but – for someone who doesn’t read a lot of fantasy novels, I’m REALLY impressed with her world building and style.  Piers Anthony blurbed this novel, and I assume he knows the genre.  I want to read more of Minnette’s stories, which are available in both electronic and print formats.

Also this weekend, Ed and I watched a favorite movie, Phenomenon with John Travolta.  This is an exceptional movie.  I see more layers every time I watch it, and it affects me each time as well.  Returning home, and reconnecting to the web and email, I read this article about meditation.  I wonder about the connection between activating our brains, and being digitally connected.

My research takes me into the land of e-books, but then a post about Petrarch and St. Augustine brings me back to the world of words.   This is how humans share ideas, and may lead to a new ‘upgraded’ human.  Maybe I’ll be one – someday –  totally compassionate to all creatures and energies on this planet.

But tonight, Ed and I were more focused on trying to annilate a fly that came into the house.  Or maybe flies need an upgrade, to their brains, to learn they are not allowed, in my house.  Maybe the flies need a Help File.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to Upgrades

  1. Terri – I just saw this blog post and wanted to send a thank you for such wonderful comments about Starsight I. I hope you get to read the second book soon…most people tell me it’s even better than the first. Great blog…I will put this on my “Hang Outs” list on my blog for you. Have a great week! 🙂


  2. terripatrick says:

    I ordered Starsight II today. I had “Centurion” on my radar, but try not to overload on one author at a time. It will be a future treat…


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