My oldest daughter sent a text this morning:

“Do a good deed today in memory of Grandma Kramer. Love you Grandma!”   It’s poignant to remember those deaths four years ago.

I mentioned to Ed, that I got a birthday card from his parents, and he looked at me in shock.  “You got a card from your parents?”  I laughed!  “My parents don’t use Hallmark, to send me messages, anymore.”

Each year, Mom listed on the calendar, family birthdays, and the anniversaries of weddings, and deaths.  These were added to the Holy days and Feast days for Saints.  Every day of the year had a personally historical or spiritual focus.  Tributes were always framed in a “Life is Special, Live Well” energy.  These daily notes were an awareness that those who are gone, lived, and they mattered in the tapestry of who we are today, so we remember.

The age ancestors may be, if still living as humans on earth, was added in later years.  Mom would be 81, Dad, 86.  Now they’re ageless.

Do a good deed or claim a happy thought, in appreciation for the foundations, of your life today, built, by others.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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