I read a romance novel (by a new-to-me author) this weekend, that was promoted as hilarious.  It was cute but didn’t generate any belly laughs.  I felt it was poorly edited, and a bit sloppy, yet it was from one of the “big name” publishers.

Fortunately, the family weekend camp out, was wonderful!   I went trailriding with friends, on my new ATV, kayaked and played. The new requirement for weekends, sports bra!  🙂

Grandma’s also like to put their feet up and rest the muscles, while the youngers (and hubby) keep playing.    I read while everyone was off on adventures and the baby was sleeping.

Kat & Matt Blue

Matt, a relatively new “significant other”, arrived on Saturday and was impressed and enthusiastic about the view, and location, of our weekend place.

This picture is from my surprise party where Kate is showing the effects of dark blue cake and frosting.   take off 1

Matt’s enthusiasm “fizzled” (LOL!) during the family camp out.  He learned to ride a dirt bike, kayaked at dusk, and got a ride in an open cockpit bi-wing.

Hanging out, drinking beer, while a variety of small airplanes took off and landed in our front yard, was no-big-deal by day two, for this professional chef and drummer.  As they got ready to leave, Matt grinned and shrugged.  “Yeah, same old, same old,” he said.  “I’ll just tell everyone I spent the night with Kate, and the two dogs, in the back of a truck.”

Guys that spend a weekend with “the girlfriends family” are supposed to groan and complain.  It’s the guy code.

I reconnected, to the internet today, and a pile of publishing industry updates that predict the imminent end of books as we know them.  I also read too many posts about the value of the web, and blogs, on book sales.  Same old-same old.  It was a delight to get Tess’s input on it all, she’s been my personal choice voice of reason, for this chosen career.

Drama isn’t something I want in my life, and sunny days and good times with friends and family help prioritize my energy.  I ordered books today, Starsight II, Memoirs of a Scandalous Red DressThe Apprentice, The Seventh Sense.  I know these authors will deliver a story, in a style, I’ll enjoy, and not be underwhelmed.

Thanks for your comments.

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