a day in a writer’s life

Mercury is retrograde this month, which is a time of pesky delays and misplaced communication.  It’s a good time to be in a lull point between projects, but it is ending and I’m feeling the rev of energy, in my fingertips, to dive into the project at hand.  For writers there is always a story to begin or revise.

The blogs of authors I follow grant insight into living the life of a novelist.  This is mainly, write, write, write, read, read, read, revise, revise, revise, submit (survive rejections!), revise, read, submit (survive acceptance!), revise, and finally – promote.  I’m excited to have blogs to follow, of friends that have actively chosen to be novelists then learned, read, wrote, submitted, (like me) and now – they are published!  Delilah and Minnette had their books hit the stands and then scrambled into the promotion zone of web pages and blogs.  Jessa, is in the holding zone of waiting for the release of her first book, in October.

Jessa, like me, has actively worked to enter the world of books on the shelves, for years.  That’s why her post “Playing the Professional Writer” is poignant to me.  From Tess I know there is an uncertainty with every book, regarding her skill as a storyteller and her desire to enthrall and entertain her readers.   She writes one book a year, though her readers clamor for more.

It’s that “book-a-year” method that is key to many authors with staying power in the business of novel writing.  That’s why I feel fine being in a writing lull this Mercury retrograde.   What did I do today?  I wrote a little bit, read some writing articles and publishing industry news and blogs.  I also played with my grandson most of the day.  After dinner Ed watched the Cavs-Magic game, while I watched two clips on TED, gave myself a pedicure, then watched the end of the game with him.

The newsflash for today is I write contemporary romances but enjoy and unwind listening to a physicist talk about the mathematics of war.    He’s really cute, with a great accent.  I also like mindboggling science, in a funny and fascinating presentation.

What brings all these ideas together is, books and science may affect more than one generation.  There will always be new discoveries, new stories, and new babies.

Thanks for your comments.

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