We did something new on Saturday, Ed and I went trail riding.  Ed rode our daughter’s 250 dirt bike and I was on my ATV.  We went far into the hills of Mt. Hood Nat’l Forest with five friends.   Two of them would have prefered being on horseback so they could commune with the silence and smells of nature.  Ed and I can’t hike and we don’t have horses, so would never have experienced these sights any other way.  It was awesome.

With our dinner tonight, we got fortune cookies.  Ed’s was:


Huh?  Neither of us are weary, and I assume it’s a typo, and supposed to be WARY, but even so – what type of fortune is that?    Mr. Ostrich, please put your head back in the sand, there’s an awesome sunset you don’t want to see.

Some add the words, “In Bed”, for messages from fortune cookies.  That makes the message even worse!  🙂

My cookie held the message, “Fame and Fortune Lie Ahead”.   Cool, but it certainly won’t happen if I’m wary of novelties.  Nor do I want my fame and fortune in bed, even if I do write romance novels.

Here’s a fun post on the “Anatomy” (of a Book) – at least that’s what the other bloggers wrote about!

Here’s another post about the fame and fortune of being an “Indie” novelist.

Thanks for your comments.

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