On Screen

The 2009 Star Trek has revived Gene Roddenberry’s vision with the latest visual effects, new flavors to iconic characters and a new signature world.   I really like the shifts to these characters, that differs from the original characterizations.  There’s potential for a whole new brand of Trekkies!  I clearly remember the Captain Pike story from the TV show, which was supposed to be the pilot episode, and now wonder what the new story may be.  How fun!

We saw Angels and Demons two weeks ago and enjoyed how well the movie represented the book.  While the movie does take creative license with a few major story points, merges a few others (and totally drops some biggies!), the movie is good.  Seeing the actual statues and chapels, especially having been in Rome last summer, is a huge plus!

I haven’t followed the Hollywood industry news but assume it’s in a state of flux comparable to the music and book industries.  In recent years there seemed little more than badly done remakes, but these two movies give me hope.  They are good stories, presented well, with good writers and talented actors.  The key may be, since the original stories were so good, the bar was raised pretty high.  Which raised the level of excellence required.

“Good enough” –  is not.

These two movies, in my opinion, are great.  Go.  Watch.  Enjoy!

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