A nice day

How often do we have a day, where everything just sort of flows?  That was today, for me.  Beautiful weather and a happy grandson crawling around my house, playing with his toys.  I had productive hours putting together the genealogy of the characters for my novel.  Dinner was tasty, and clean up quick, followed by two hours wandering car lots while Ed debated the merits of upgrading our truck, with polite salesmen.

Days like these, where everything just sort of flows, should be treasured.  They are the proof to hold on to – that – life is not always a struggle, full of conflict and drama.  It’s a choice, to see the simplicity that can be.  This showed up in some of the internet cruising I did tonight.  Take a fun ride with me…

From the Graham Hancock site posts I learned tidal energy can be tapped, a jellyfish appeared as a Crop Circle and the latest Dalai Lama is learning to be a teenager.  Personally, I think the last bit is more interesting.  I like kids having a chance to be kids.  Maybe this potential religious leader will be able to relate more to his generation, they are the future of his country.

In other news:  Trish posted the June astrological forecasts for writers.  I’ve only followed these posts a few months and see validity in the dates she targets.  My Mercury retrograde is happily over…

Elizabeth Boyle is recovering from P-Nome-E-Ah and got a wonderful request for books from a library in NC. I love libraries too, and am sure donations of books would be welcome from those of us that are not bestselling novelists.  Recycling books, to library shelves, is a great way to share the wealth of stories, that enrich lives.

Another Nice Day post was from literary agent Kristen, who liked a book was bought for big money, because of what it’s not.   As a savvy reader, who puts many books back on the shelves, this was refreshing.

The best part of today, was taking a Facebook quiz my youngest posted, to see how well I know my daughter.  I didn’t get a perfect score but did score higher than the guy who has been significant in her life the past few years.  Ha!

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