Happy Solstice

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, and today a new moon.  I gathered up all my crystals and gems to set in the noon sun for an hour.  I usually leave them out in the full moon all night but it’s been months since I’ve done that so hope the stronger sun energy has cleansed them.  I did a Feng Shui evaluation and adjustment of my kitchen last month which has made the meal/clean process simple and fun.   The details of living should be fun so we bring good energy to our work, and my work includes dancing with my muse, who likes to cha-cha when I’m trying to waltz.

I planned to read TJ MacGregor’s The Seventh Sense as a reward, when I completed rewrites of my current story, but was compelled to read this thriller, this past weekend.  It’s always good for a writer to read an award winning and very prolific author, even if it isn’t a story I would normally choose.

For the first 106 pages I was able to keep an objective distance from the horrors and drama, and focused on T.J.’s craftsmanship as a novelist.   But then I was sucked into the story completely, even the characters that made my skin crawl were too compelling.  I savored scenes were I could feel the grass or ocean breezes, and was also transported within the psyche of rage, wandered the delights of dementia, and initiated into using skills obtained after death.

I’m not sure what reading thrillers will do to my own stories, but it was fascinating that while I was reading T.J.’s book, I learned from their blog, that she was in my neighborhood.  Alas, we have yet to meet.  But she’s written many books I have yet to read.

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