Supposed to be…

Events will roll over us sometimes, changing our plans, creating a new direction.  For most of the past year Ed and I planned to be where we were supposed to be –  at a family reunion party – celebrating the 60th anniversary of his parents coming to America.  But recently, it looked like, this was not the most auspicious choice.  As soon as the thought took hold, that maybe we should miss this event, things happened.

These things were important, for Ed’s career, and our family.  While it is important to honor the history of what was, it’s also a choice to celebrate who we are today.   Ed’s an integral player, in a team of three, and he spent the week and weekend focusing on how best to reorganize a business model that directly affects many.  I hosted a family party in honor of our youngest daughter turning 20!

Our youngest lives out of town, arrived late the night before, and was barely awake when she hugged her dad goodbye, and he left.   Ed actually did some cool things for the weekend, and doesn’t relax well when there is a massive family party in our home.  So it worked out great!

The party was wild and disrupted my home with lots of friends and family for two whole days.  I savored the family energy, initiated 12 years ago, when Ed and I moved to Oregon.  It’s cool there were NEW things this weekend, including a baby, a mini-van, a pop-up camper, and a  promotion.  The baby and mini-van are for a niece, and nephew, the camper and promotion happened to two of my daughters.  Also cool, was the new men who have entered our family.  One bought the camper, another grilled the ribs for the party.  When you have daughters, men appear!

I also had personal fun, and spent an hour at a Writer’s Fair on Saturday afternoon, where some of my friends were attending authors.  I re-met the woman I will be sleeping with, at a conference, in October.  We’ve met before, couldn’t place the name with the face, but agreed to be part of 4 that would share one room.  We all laughed and discussed what we’ll wear, when we share a bed, for the weekend.

Later, at the 20th birthday party, after tons of food, my astrologer sister stated the current eclipse cycle in the stars is activating a former one, from 1991.  This is good because, what was in place then, is  finally coming to the forefront.  I know what that means for me, and yet, intention and planetary energies are not easy to define.

Ed is only two days older than Michael Jackson.  Gary, Indiana and East Cleveland, Ohio are in spitting distance on a global scale.  There was a potent stellium of planets 50 years ago, and I’ve come to understand the huge influence of choices.  Every time something happend in my life, initiated by Ed, there was always something about Wacko Jacko in the news.  Of course, he didn’t become Wacko Jacko until he turned 40, and during those years, Ed was a bit wacko too.

Now, with Michael Jackson’s demise from this earth, I can again celebrate the music that transformed my youth, and that of my daughters.  I listened to my daughters talk about their dad, since he wasn’t here this weekend, and their memories differ.  The two oldest remember their dad best from New Jersey, the younger two remember him best from Oregon.  And I remember the guy I fell in love with, whose parents were WWII refugees from Slovenia.

It’s really cool to be where I am “supposed to be”.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

5 Responses to Supposed to be…

  1. greetings – just to say how much i enjoy your blog – the all of it – came across it through rob and trish macgregor’s – in any event, please feel free to drop by mine should you be so inclined – again, really enjoy yours – jenean


  2. Great post, Terri.


  3. terripatrick says:

    Jenean – your site is awesome. I like the “travel” blog too.

    Thanks, Trish.

    I’ve been scanning a few sites that list prominent dates in Michael Jackson’s life journey and there are many fascinating correlations to life events in my own… Ed’s rising sign is in Capricorn and I’m rather thankful. No insult to those with rising signs in Gemini!


  4. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I laughed when you said you met the woman you will “be sleeping with.” Maybe you should word it as “the woman I will bunk with.” LOL


  5. terripatrick says:

    We had too much fun with the “sleeping with” words, I had to use them. It won’t be a bunk, we’re sharing a Queen sized bed.
    I’ve never before shared a bed with a female who wasn’t a daughter or sister. So in many ways, I’m a virgin to this experience. LOL!!!


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