While grilling Brats on Saturday, Ed called out to me, to look at the clouds.  There was this clearly defined arc, with a circle in the middle, and the cross beneath.  I stared in awe at the symbol for Pluto in the skies above me.  I didn’t have a camera, and yet, imagine this image in clouds, with every line clearly defined.

Our weekend place is in the Pacific NW, right on the edge of Mt. Hood and the high plains, so the winds are rather unique and turbulent.  But to have the glyph for Pluto, in cloud formation for almost 5 minutes, was an event to note.   That Ed made me stop and look is good.  He’s got a Sun-Pluto conjunction in his natal astrological chart, a similar planetary aspect is in Michael Jackson’s birth chart.  I’ve been told this Sun-Pluto aspect is all-about:  control.  The Sun symbolizes personal energy, Pluto has ‘drain-clog’ cleaning (purging) energy.

Ed has this Sun-Pluto conjunction in his 8th house of regeneration and inheritance.  Michael Jackson’s is in his 4th house of foundations and his childhood home.  This astrology awareness is fun for me because I play a potent part, from Ed’s 4th house, as a Taurus woman, cleaning his clogs.  He’s not too thrilled to have “inherited” me.  And Ed wasn’t feeling well on the 4th of July.  While we watched Fireworks exploding all around our new lake-community (the new foundation) and our grandsons were playing with gunpowder and fire (under the supervision of their parents and an aunt and uncle) Ed fell asleep, in his chair.

The next day, Ed was feeling totally out of control, as we closed up our weekend place, and came back to our current home.  Today, he waffled between his job, and resting, in our home.  Then he left on an airplane for a client site in his techno world.  Ed was still trying to recover from coughs and congestion, when I dropped him off, to board the plane.

Friends, had a wonderful little dog called Buddy.  Our friends played Pickle Ball for the first time, watched the fireworks on the lake, and Buddy, died quietly in his sleep later that same night.   That is the lesson fireworks have for me.  Powerful explosions of beautiful light, not to be forgotten, whether it be an anniversary of freedom, the life of a freedom fighter, or a cute little dog.


2 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. how absolutely divine that cloud image must have been!!! i’ve always LOVED looking at cloud formations and when i was a kid would lay for hours on the ground looking up at clouds and imagining all kinds of new worlds and experiences from their formations – great post! thanks for sharing! jenean


  2. It was rather awesome – so perfect and huge – yet I’m more familiar with the Pluto glyph that’s the big P with a tail. After I shouted out – It’s Pluto! – I paused and tried to imagine all the astrological glyphs to be sure I had the right one. Only after we were home and I could search through symbols did I really feel confident it was, what I saw. I wish I had a camera, but even if I did, I was too excited at what I saw, to think about taking a picture. I just wanted to stare at it. It was cool.


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