Pluto Pluto rules Scorpio and its attributes are the darker side; death, sex, regeneration, rebirth, profound and permanent change, transformation.  (pg. 9; Sydney Omarr’s Astrological Guide 2009; by Trish MacGregor)

Ed and I saw the glyph for Pluto in the clouds,  on Independence Day, it was huge, took up most of the sky above us, was very clear and precise.  There was a reason for me to notice this and maybe I’ll figure out why someday.

The darker side of Pluto is what my sister compares to Draino – flushing the crap out of our system.  I’m OK with that because my Moon is in Scorpio, an intense placement for deep passions, and the ability to carry a grudge forever.  Which is so totally not me, I was thrilled to learn I have this deep and dark aspect.  It really is a strength because when all hell breaks loose, I’m amazing at bringing order and peace out of chaos for my friends and family.  When life is pleasant, I work this drama into my fiction.

We had a death that day, our friends ailing dog, Buddy.  Today I decided it was time to get my hair cut and gray roots touched.  That meets the “permanent change” requirement, though it’s not profound.   As I sat waiting for the color to absorb into my roots, the girl handed me magazines and the biggest word on the front of the top one was SEX.  (With Ed sick on the 4th, and out of town now, that’s about all I’ll get.)

It’s possible Pluto in the clouds was for Ed to see, and I was just the excited voice of description telling him it is the glyph for Pluto, which he would not have recognized.  He has the Sun-Pluto conjuction in his natal chart, comparable to an aspect of someone famous, who died recently.

Or maybe I’m just to share on my blog, that Nancy at Starlight News posted on June 22nd an update of Pluto-Mars aspects between Pres. Obama and the USA chart.   Mundane astrology is more interesting to me than news about politics.  I know many people who feel our Prez is flushing away a lot of what made the USA great.  History will decide if clearing clogs was a good thing or if the caustic process ruined pipes.

Pluto may have been downgraded by astronomers, but not in the clouds.  Feel free to share Pluto or cloud stories!


Check out Laurel’s Pluto Blog for an astronomers point of view.  Thanks Laurel!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to Pluto

  1. Not all astronomers downgraded Pluto. That controversial decision was made by only four percent of the IAU and was immediately opposed in a formal petition by hundreds of professional astronomers. The debate is far from over.


  2. Ah, Pluto. He rules my chart. & anyone with a Scopion anything knows the astronomers were simply out to lunch by dissing him.


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