I had this urge to drive tonight.  No destination, it’s just been a quiet week, and I have a cool sporty car that is fun to drive.  As I followed my urge, I chose which turns to make and suddenly thought, oh, maybe I’ll see if Nancy’s home.  There’s her street.  I turned, she was.

Nancy was one of the first friends I made 12 years ago, when we moved to Oregon.  A neighbor, we spent a lot of time chatting over the years.  We drank beer on my deck when the tree fell on my house and the removal entertainment was in process.  Nancy teaches at a Beauty School and she would cut and dye my hair for free, in my own home, so I’d stop cutting it myself and using those hair color boxes off the supermarket shelves.

Nancy had an aunt and uncle that were both paraplegics, so she knew a lot I didn’t have to tell, about my childhood with a quariplegic mother.  Nancy stopped by my house, six weeks after her husband of 33 years, passed, from a heart attack, to tell me what and how it happened.  She stopped by to tell me, because she knew, that if I knew, I would have been there.  I was there, in the months ahead, helping close up the estate.   I told her I was doing my duty to her, that I wasn’t doing for my brother and sister, who were dealing with my parents estate.  Yeah, weird.  She’d been there for me when my when my parents died, three months apart.  But I wasn’t there for her when her husband died.  Until she told me.

I continue to go to the school where she teaches how to create beauty.  I recently had one girl cut and color my hair, state, she’d heard about me.  I’m the only friend Nancy had from her former life, that still is in her life.

Nancy is awesome.  A mentor and friend, so fun and wonderful.  Granted, she cut and colored my hair because if she didn’t, she couldn’t stand looking at me.  Because of her, I get compliments on my hair, all the time!   Nancy is leaving tomorrow on an adventure with her daughter.  A road trip.  The destination is where Nancy’s brother is living, where many people have made their mark, success, and are now embracing new things.  Crafts, games, gatherings.

Nancy stated tonight that there are things, about her life as a widow, that don’t fulfill her.  Yet she doesn’t want to get too weird.  She knows women her age (53) can get weird and pamper their dogs with special beds and more.  Nancy will always be about moving on.  Her life lesson to me has always been, be the best you can be, enjoy the moment, savor the children.  God!  Thank you for giving me Nancy and who she has been for my children!

Friends are amazing.  They fulfill gaps we didn’t even know were missing.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to Friends

  1. roselefebvre says:

    Yes, friends are great…especially long-time ones. My best friend and I have been friends since 1967! We met in high school. She lives in Roseburg and we visit each other regularly as well as call and email. I can tell her everything. She has been a blessing in my life.


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