fact and fiction

Toss a few dozen romance novelists into a room, and the conversation jumps from alien shape shifters, to special forces fighters.  There’s explanations how vampires can survive in sunlight; then a volley of reasons why a seeing-eye dog can’t be sent off on a rescue mission; and pointers are given how to murder someone by stabbing – without too much blood.  This was our Saturday morning workshop, called plot-storming, presented by Delle Jacobs, a class act lady and novelist who whipped us into a frenzy of creativity and laughter as we called out solutions to plot points for each others stories.

Today was a story-women energy-day for me too, but this was four hours with two women who’ve read my memoir, and we walked through it chapter by chapter.  Yahoo!  Switch one chapter to the beginning, move the current “first chapter” to the beginning of section two…  add some “teeth” (trama) in a few early stories, explain the importance of the number of years, split two of the middle chapters, …  It may sound like a lot of work, but not really.   The bulk of chapters ran smooth, consistent.  I have a deadline, my proof-reader will be in town in two weeks, I’ll hand her the final version.

Turning fact into story required me to take creative liscence on one point in the whole memoir, adding music to my sister’s wedding, so my parents could dance together.

In my life, events so divergent – like creative plot-storming one day, and focusing on life truths the next – means I am supposed to pay attention.  In fiction, I’m the master-creator, God of story.  Five years ago I told a friend and mentor that I would have to stick to fiction, if I ever told the truth, no one would believe it.  Then my parents died and I began the journey of writing truth.   Which taught me I don’t have to build a world from my imagination, the one I’m living in is magical enough.

So be warned, dear reader, for when that day comes, and “me and my friends” are encouraging God and the angels in plot-storming for those below.   Those sunbathing vampires may be lying on iceburgs, but there will be wild conflicts, great sex and a happy ending, for the humans still alive at THE END.  Until the next story….

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