12 years

We moved to Oregon on 7/17/97 and all the 7’s in that date make it significant as a signpost for a journey.

The number 7 represents spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mystery.   Our four girls were ages 16, 15, 11, 8.   Our golden, Amber, was 6, and we got word all her siblings, from her litter, were dying for reasons unknown.   Having our girls hear stories of animals dying on airplanes, increased the drama.  We all survived, and Amber died at the ripe old age of 13, in 2006.  All our girls are grown, love Oregon, and have thanked us for moving them from the ultimate childhood lifestyle.

On Friday, 7/17/2009, Ed and I arrived at our new weekend place.  On a bigger lake, cleaner, deeper, a lakeside resort, and an airstrip.  Living at an airpark, with his own hangar, has been Ed’s dream.  I’m more a fish than a bird, so the lake is my dream.   One of our girls sent us all a text message – “Happy Moving Day!  12 years.”

12 years is how long it takes Jupiter to cycle through all the signs.  Jupiter represents philosophy,  higher education, expansion, and growth.  I’m usually gun-shy of Jupiter transits because I prefer more control of my luck, but I was in awe at the exactness of this 12-year-Jupiter cycle as it has tangibly manifested.  Even more fun, Jupiter in Aquarius (where it is now – and in 1997) is my 7th house.

The move to Oregon was our 7th move since Ed & I married in 1980.  This airpark lot, with a new hangar, and a nice travel trailer, is the 4th property we have owned (now our 4 girls live on their own).

Tomorrow on July 21, 2009 there will be a solar eclipse, over the South Pacific.  Solar eclipses are cool.  To me they represent a chance to pause, breathe deeply in the wonder of the skies, and magical dance of this universe we inhabit.

Thanks for your comments.

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